Let’s Talk Adulting

Being an adult is hard. Like really, really, really hard. It’s definitely worth talking about.

. . . 

Finding a Balance…

As we get increasingly older, it seems harder and harder to find that balance between serenity and chaos. Depending on the day, my scale can be tilted to either side. I suppose I’ll admit more times than not it sides with chaotic. We emerge into this world with so little to maintain. So little expected of us. As we age, we are expected to create some kind of sense of balancing work, home, family, and friends.


The guilt always seems to set in. No matter what aspect of our lives we seem to “neglect,” that guilt always creeps in to make us question if there was something more we could have done. Some other way we could have duplicated our self and been more attentive to another aspect of our life. Ridiculous. It’s ridiculous the strain and pressure we put on ourselves day-to-day to obtain absurd standards. You are one human. One.

Sometimes you just have to do what makes you happy in that moment and be okay with it. You just have to not take life so seriously. Ironic that my daughter decided to display the complete opposite for these particular pictures (lol). Oh, the things you will learn, little one.

No regrets.

. . .


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