Do You Have a Limit?

Some days I question what my true calling in life is. I think we all might have these thoughts and feelings considering the options of infinite paths. How often do we question ourselves on if we are making the right decision or choice for ourselves, children, and loved ones? I think one of the hugest setbacks as humans is limiting ourselves. Why not just do everything you love? I have decided that there are no limits on happiness. No maximum number of goals to set for myself. I. Want. It. All…

I love taking care of others, that’s why I think the medical profession has always grasped my soul so tightly. So in a way, I suppose I’m not surprised that I love to cook for others as well. My kitchen is one of the happiest places I know… when it’s clean (haha). I get in there, throw some items together in the skillet, and anticipate the tasty, aromatic outcome.

Not only do I want people to try new foods and enjoy what I cook, I would also like them to find the joy in experimenting too. It doesn’t even have to be cooking. I hope to inspire at least one person to step out of their comfort zone and try something different…

Something without questioning themselves…

Something without limitations. No matter what it may be.

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