A New Way to Live


Long time, no see.

Living in this new norm of pandemic life has really thrown us “creatures of habit” off immensely! In the beginning of what we all thought would be a semi-temporary change of simple daily routines such as grocery shopping, school, and work all became close to impossible to accomplish. I had to really take a step back from meal prepping for others until we had a clearer assessment of how to function in our new normal lives.

During this weird time in life, I’ve still been able to maintain focus on food and health… and I think that’s a huge triumph in its own right. I would love to be able to return in sharing that with others who are struggling to figure out this changed world or just simply focused on how to manage a little more on their plate as of lately.

With all that being said, I’m ready to share the wonderful world of prepared, keto-friendly meals again… mask equipped and all!


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