Ever Wonder What a Whole Day of Prep Looks Like?

Ever wonder how much work goes into one day of prepping for the week? I’ve spent hours working hard in the kitchen today, to make life a little easier later in the week.


This is most of what I worked on today. Don’t mind my board that isn’t updated in the background. I use that to write out reminders for my daughter on what she is eating for the week (#nojudgementzone).

Here’s what I prepped this week!

Breakfast: Smoked Ham & Colby Egg Bites. I made a dozen so we could have something quick and easy. Sometimes I don’t even reheat these if I’m in a huge hurry to be honest.



Since we all kind of do our own thing for lunch, I made sure to have some fresh veggies to snack on readily available. I find that for busier people, they are deterred from healthier snacks because there is more effort involved as opposed to grabbing a pre-made, processed and unhealthy snack. If I already have it washed, cut, and ready to eat, they are more likely to grab it!

Romaine for wraps, salad, & meal prep orders
Cucumbers, celery, & mini peppers for snacks at home. Chopped green pepper and celery for cooking.
Peppers & onions for meal prepping this week.

For proteins; chicken breasts went in the slow cooker, ground beef in the skillet, and I also made breaded chicken tenders in the oven. The breading on the tenders is a combination of pork rinds and seasonings so there are zero net carbs. One of my favorite ways to have these is chopped on top of a chef salad. I also have boneless chicken thighs in the fridge to bake later in the week for a dinner.


I really love using this breading because it gives you the feeling of having carbs when you aren’t! The ground beef was used for meal prepping fajita bowls and big mac salads. Bonus: I made enough for a casserole this particular evening for dinner as well!


For the bottom layer I paired the ground beef with a leftover (low carb) chili sauce, topped it with sauteed veggies, and melted cheese under the broiler. Was super tasty! I served the keto friendly version over romaine and the non-keto friendly version over Basmati rice to the other half of the family. Both ways turned out terrific!

We topped our dishes off with a little sour cream and it hit the spot for a drizzly weathered dinner.

Chicken breasts were used for fajita bowls for meal prepping and there was some left over to use for lunches this week as well. There are also unseasoned breasts that can be used in chicken salad throughout the week which is one of my favorite go-to meals. I think I have this at least 4 times a week in different versions.


Lastly, pumpkin cream cheese muffins! I wouldn’t be meal prepping for the week if I didn’t include a sweet treat. I honestly never get sick of eating these. They are moist, sweet, and delicious straight out of the refrigerator. The centers are filled with a cream cheese frosting to soothe any sweet craving. I even added chocolate chips to a few!


They weren’t my prettiest muffins, but after tasting them I didn’t even care! Every week that I prep, I come up with more and more ideas for the upcoming week. Spending a day in the kitchen is well worth it to ease your mind the rest of the week when it comes to you and your family’s eating. Until next time, peaceful minds and happy bodies!


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