What I Eat In a Day – Holiday Edition

September is here and it is Labor Day! That means the end of summer is officially here or something to that nature, right? It was a hot one here in northern Ohio and we were invited to my brother’s house for a cookout. A good time was had by all. It’s not always easy to stay on track diet-wise during a holiday, but it is in fact manageable. Ironically, today just happened to be the day I decided to really tighten up on my macros and get down to business losing this last amount of weight that’d I’ve been wanting to lose.

I always start with caffeine. I was trying to hunt down pumpkin spice K-cups, but the store I happened to be in, was lacking in the coffee department. I settled on Starbuck’s Toasted Graham and it did not disappoint! While it wasn’t the perfect autumn cup of coffee I was looking for, it still hit the spot!

I’ve always been a “give me coffee that tastes like dessert” kind of gal, so naturally I have to add sweetener and cream. Every. Time.

To the coffee I added: 1 Tbsp heavy cream, 2 packets of Splenda naturals, and a Tbsp of sugar-free Hazelnut syrup. Oh, and one ice cube because I’m the biggest baby about having to wait to drink a beverage if it’s too hot.

As far as macros go, these are pretty ideal for me not being super strict. Added bonus: Splenda naturals were on clearance price at Meijer a couple weeks ago, and sugar-free syrup is found at Dollar Tree! I love when things are fantastic and super affordable!

Now what would a day off be if I didn’t include eggs with my coffee!? I’m a savory breakfast person. Give me eggs and bacon any day over a pastry for breakfast. I decided today would be a good day to make some egg muffin cups. Not only are they filling, yummy, and under one net carb each…. it gave me an excuse to use these new silicone baking liners I’ve been excited to use! (Amazon is an addiction, I swear!)


I ended up just baking a whole batch to eat over the course of the next couple days. There were four different kinds. Cleo and I tried each one, and let me tell you… de-lish!

The four kinds I made were: Spinach and mozzarella, bacon and colby jack, colby jack and green onion, and ham and mozzarella.

I had used the standard muffin cups that came with my set the other day, but check out these rose muffins!


I think they are the most adorable eggs I’ve ever seen! Will definitely be using those a lot. After we had our coffee and eggs… and managed to get all of ourselves put together (side note: not easy when there are five family members)… we packed up the car, including the pea salad that I made to bring, and off we went to the cookout!

At the cookout (which I neglected to take pictures of) I ate the following:

2 Grilled burgers, bunless
1 Bratwurst with mustard
Handful of veggies (celery, broccoli, cauliflower) w/ranch
1/2 c. Pea Salad
1/2 c. Buffalo chicken dip

I know the pea salad is not Keto. But let me just tell you that since I had so few carbs throughout the day, it fit my macros fine. The only thing I put in my pea salad that isn’t Keto are the peas themselves. That meal actually served as my lunch and dinner. I’m still full and it’s almost midnight (Ha! Winning!).

We left the two older kids to spend the night with their cousins and took the littlest to run some errands. This child loves to take the lead. I hope she always has that initiative and spirit in life!

After errands, we saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky on the way home. Something about a rainbow just bring a sense of happiness and joy… and usually a joke about finding that mythical pot of gold. I felt satiated from both the good food and great company. There couldn’t have been a more perfect way to end our holiday.

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