New Clients Bring New Dishes!


With my clientele growing, I’ve spent even more time in the kitchen prepping meals! (I really didn’t think that was possible!) I hear a lot of complaints when people start eating on a ketogenic diet that they can’t find a variety of foods or get “sick of the same old things.” Changing up what I eat and making the food delicious are my two main goals while eating this way. My thoughts are: if the food is delicious and keeping my interest, then I’m more likely to maintain what I’m doing. I will be the first person to tell you, if you starve me, don’t even bother getting me to try your way of eating. This girl cannot survive three pieces of kale a day… and this is why so many diets have failed me before.

So while I was in the kitchen this weekend, I snapped a few photos to share. I had a family gathering on Saturday and instead of bringing a standard veggie tray, I spiced it up by throwing some turkey snack sticks on there and getting a bacon cheddar ranch dip to serve with it (dip not shown).


It’s safe to say, there were none left over. So make a note: turkey snack sticks make people happy (haha).

Some prep work that I’ve done this weekend for a few clients included these great dishes:

Five different lunches: Bunless Roman burger with salami, cheese, and Italian mayo served with Parmesan zucchini – Deli roll-ups box with turkey, salami, ham, romaine, and a green onion cream cheese, served with bacon loaded deviled eggs and kosher pickle – homemade chicken salad with celery sticks – bunless Korean burger with stir-fried broccoli and mushrooms – Chef salad with ranch and served with a maple brown sugar muffin.


Filling, delicious and ALL low carb meals. The muffin is only 3 carbs!

Three different dinners: Cheese stuffed Italian sausage served with roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and onion – breaded chicken cordon bleu – breaded chicken Italiana


Tell me those aren’t mouthwatering meals! All low carbs as well. The chicken meals have a total of 1-2 net carbs!! Not bad for breaded chicken.

I was grateful to see my family. When you don’t get to visit with them often, it always brings back a sense of who you are and where you’ve come from. We did our usual group photo and while I wasn’t proud of how I looked, I have made progress.


In the first photo I made the kids stand in front of me because I was so embarrassed of being photographed. I suppose celebrating the small victories are important. Side note: it’s very hard to “skinny pose” while holding a squirmy 2-year-old (lol)!

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